[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Maramu: Location for watermaker

smiles bernard

Thanks for this Michael 
I’ll have a look at that option 
My engine bay is flanked with batteries 
One side is service and starter
The other has a big battery for windlass and furler 
Plus I’ve 3 alternators  perhaps we all have. 
So not that much space for cat swinging 

But in many ways the engine bay would work well. 
Perhaps I could make a removable platform 

I’m not close to the boat at the mo but still curious about the option of between the aft toilet and the hull. Perhaps just for the RO unit 

I’ll send a few photos once I’ve settled on a good spot but very helpful to hear others experience so many thanks to those who responded 

Fair winds

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I installed an Aquabase watermaker in the engine room. The pump went on a
small platform besides the battery compartment and the main unit is wall
mounted at the port side of the engine room as far forward as possible.
So I still have enough place in the engine room to do all the works.

Good luck