Jib Track Plugs


Last year we replaced all the plugs that keep water from sitting in the recesses around the bolts that attach the jib track to the rail.  We ordered them from Amel, and I was disappointed to find that they were natural white polyethylene—not something I expected to have a reasonable lifespan in sunlight.  Sure enough, a year later they are all crumbling away.

Has anybody found a better alternative?  Maybe black plastic?  or anything else better able to handle sunlight? I haven’t been able to track anything down.

In the absence of a better alternative, I am thinking of plugging the holes with silicone sealant.  Yes, it would be something of a pain (but not impossible) to extract if I ever needed to, but I really don’t want these bolts soaking in salt water constantly.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie

Freeport, Bahamas.


Hi Bill,


I replaced mine with white silicone sealant several years.  They seem to work just fine.




S/Y Ladybug sm 216,  Martinique