Alternator replacement

Rink De Haan

The 24V alternator on my Yanmar 4JH3TE engine (2001) needs replacement. I can't decipher the model and make of it.
Does anyone recently replaced it and /or have a recommendation for this?
I am currently in Greece (Lefkada) and the local repair shop is struggling with it.

Many thanks
Rink de Haan
SY Razor's Edge
Amel SM2K #330


It should be a Leece-Neville alternator.  I don't know the exact model of the alternator but there are several files for the alternator in the Files section of this forum include a service manual that might help the local repair shop.  Here is the link to the service manual:

SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

Paul Osterberg

In Nydri just south Levkas in the strait (Tranquil bay)  leading in to the almost landlocked  You find a man who in his workshop do repair at very reasonable cost most alternators. I do not remember his name, but you can ask in any chandlery there and they can direct you to him. He made an overhaul on our alternator changed bearings all for 70 euro if I remember right.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259

Rink De Haan

Thanks Paul & others. I’ll check when I am on the boat again.