SM stern bumper paint

Ryan Meador

Hi all,
I've been advised to give my stern bumper a coat of inflatable boat paint once a year or so to ensure longevity.  Should this be paint for PVC or Hypalon boats?  Do we know the material the stern bumper is made out of?

SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA


I used a water-based rubber paint formulation that was recommended both hypalon and PVC. It works well. In general, PVC is the more difficult material to get something to stick to because the plasticizers that are used to make it flexible tend to coat the surface with an "oily" layer.

The bumper appears to be a polyurethane foam.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Freeport, Bahamas

Willem Kroes

Hi Ryan,

Years ago, when I owned a Santorin, I asked the sailmaker (for canvas work) to make a skirt of white vinyl around the bumper with an elastic tensioning cord. It worked quite well and although I renewed last year the bumper on my SM, I will ask the canvas man in Combarro where my boat is now to give me a quotation for such a skirt for my old bumper.

Best regards,

Willem Kroes

SM 2K #351 "Kavanga"


I try it in spring with folie
When it is reddy i will recomande
Elja SM Balu 222