Recommended Sailmaker in The Bahamas?

Mark Isaac

Thanks Stephanie.

Stephanie DiBelardino <stephiedib@...>


Having lived on Grand Bahama for 14 years, I should highly recommend that you return to Fort Lauderdale for any work — or bring a sailmaker from FortLauderdale to wherever you are. Here, you have no recourse if that job is not done right. I doubt that Nassau or the Abacos could offer any worthwhile sailmaker service.

Fair winds!
Stephanie DiBelardino

Mark Isaac

Hello all,

It appears as though our main and mizzen sails were either cut or rigged incorrectly (won't raise to the top of the mast).  I made an attempt to fix this myself, finding out along the way (yes, the hard way) that the mizzen halyard is about 15 feet too short to allow the sail to be dropped.  Now I think (and my wife knows) it's time to get some expert advice.  Do any members of the group know or have used a sailmaker in The Bahamas?



Lulu, SM #391

Great Harbor, Berry Islands