Amel logo

Patrick McAneny

Can anyone give me an estimate of the size , length & height of the Amel logo on the mainsail. I can't find info or a picture of it on the internet to give the sailmaker. Also where it is generally located on the sail .


Pat (or anyone else interested)

If it would help, I have a vector graphic file of the Amel Logo that should be way easier for someone to work with than a photo.

Bill Kinney
SM#160, Harmonie
Moraine Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

SV Perigee

Hi All,

We lowered our main this morning, and measured the horizontal length of our AMEL logo at 100cm, from the tip of the arrow to the rear-most of the feathers.

Yours aye,

Perigee, SM#396
St Maarten
  Prepping for replacement of
     our standing rigging