SM rudder bonding


Thanks everyone! It seems like I have been thinking this was going to be a nightmare of a project but "should" be pretty simple. I love the longer bolt option! Hopefully, it really is as simple as that! And if it just needs to be retapped, I can certainly do that in the water! 


Bill Maffei
SM #195
It's all Good 

Paul Osterberg

I have the same issue, Oliver advised me to drill a new hole and thread it as the mild steel plate is rather large so just drill a new hole besides the old one, or drill a larger hole and thread that, I guess what ever will work.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259

Gary Wells

Although I've not had to do it aboard, I have previously had to re-tap a hole like this. 
I drilled it to the next size and tapped it, then inserted a "Heli-Coil" thread insert to bring it back to the original size.  At an auto parts store you can obtain the whole kit; drill, tap and inserts.


Gary W
s\v Adagio #209
Fethiye, Turkey


Hey all -

Wondering if anyone can shed some insight on the SM rudder bonding setup. I've seen the diagrams however, if anyone has experienced or repaired what I am about to describe it would be greatly appreciated for future reference.

My starboard anode no longer threads into the hole provided. I assume the threads are completely stripped. Port side is still good and is working properly. My initial thought for an easy fix would be to re-tap a larger size thread. I think currently it is M10x1.25 with a 17mm hex head. Maybe a M12 tap (if possible)? 


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Bill Maffei 


It's all Good