Thru-hull fitting for Depth

Mark & Debbie Mueller

Check out the following link, it contains a bunch of info for Airmar products.  I had similar questions.

Mark Mueller
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Duane Siegfri

Can someone tell me about if the OEM thru-hull fitting for the Airmar depth sensor is a 51mm housing?  

Mine is marked D800-P498 on the tag attached to the sensor wire, and "20-386-02" is printed on the top of the sensor.  I'm looking at the Airmar DX900+ and it says it will retrofit into the 51mm housings.  I cannot find any legacy product information on the Airmar website.

I remember a thread not too long ago on replacing the B&G Sonic Speed with an Airmar CS4500, and someone said they had to enlarge the hole to accomodate the new sensor.  The CS4500 also notes it will retrofit into most 51mm housings, that's why I'm concerned.



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