[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Furuno Fax 30 (Weatherfax)...Repair?....Worthwhile?

Dimitris Krasopoulos

How have you done thatHave you connected the ethernet from the Furuno Fax 30 to your PC?

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Dimitris Krasopoulos

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Eureka!  I was able to connect to the Fax 30 and it had some legacy images onboard.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it.

Thanks for the help!

Alan Grayson

Hi all, i've just got to jump in regarding getting weather at sea. in 2005 -09 when we were cruising the carib we were using a service out of the UK. www.mailasail.com combined with a sat phone. we were able to request a weather fax, 72 hr grib file and text for local area and any personal emails. took about 30 sec to send. it automatically disconnects if no new incoming mail. wait one minute then reconnect and it would download all weather within 2 mins. the cost of their service is still 10 pound a month i believe.
Alan Grayson
Future Amel owner