[Amel Yacht Owners] Rats!

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The best way we have found to prevent rats from walking the lines onto the boat is to use an empty one liter soda bottle. Place the bottle between the dock and the boat with the rope passing through the bottle, longways (punch a hole in the bottom of the bottle). The bottle will spin on the rope it a rat tries to walk it. We used electrical ties to act as stoppers to prevent the bottle from moving up and down the rope. It not a pretty solution but it works. Or, you can get a cat.


BTW – it is also good practice to spray about the dock cleats with bug spray to prevent roaches from boarding via dock lines.



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We've had the unwelcome visitor as a result of a West Palm Beach Marina.


I'm looking for all points of entry and wondered what others might have done about the exhaust behind the port side Amel logo panel, just even with the helm.  It has three round openings, I assume for the kitchen exhaust.  None of them have screens so a mouse or rat could climb in and exit around the fan blades.


Has anyone found a good way to put a screen around it?  Or maybe feel that it's not needed?




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