lifting with mizzen boom, climbing mizzen, and halyard lengths

Ryan Meador

Hi all,
I'm refreshing much of my running rigging, and I just did a deep-dive into the halyards on mizzen and I'm confused by the numbers I'm seeing in that running rigging spreadsheet we've all seen.  It lists the mizzen ballooner halyard as 28m, and I've estimated the mizzen utility halyard (the one that goes to the spreaders; it doesn't seem to be in the spreadsheet) at 15m.  I haven't found anything more detailed than the spreadsheet by searching this group's archives.

The ballooner halyard seems like a fine length for its intended purpose, given the mizzen's height of 14m above DWL, but there doesn't seem to be enough extra to lead it to the block on the end of the mizzen boom and then down to the water to lift something (or someone, as has been discussed in the other thread going on).  Does anyone have a suggestion for a more practical length on this halyard, or is the listed length good for this purpose?

Likewise, my estimate for my utility halyard seems too short to use the mizzen boom as a lift; how long is yours?

And finally, if you wanted to climb to the top of the mizzenmast, how would you clip on?  The ballooner halyard is the natural choice, but I don't feel comfortable using only a single halyard.  Given that the mizzensail halyard requires an extension, I don't think it would be safe to use that either, as then you're trusting the extension attachment (some stitched twine and electrical tape, in my case).  Thoughts?

SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

Paul Osterberg

We use the mizzen halyard, but it is cumbersome as you have to take down the mizzen first. I have ordered a Block with a center hole through the sheave, available from several manufacturer I will use that for the balloner halyard and attache it with a normal shackle but also with a dyneema loop through the block sheave, that will give me an extra security if the block or Shackle fail the halyard will still be held up by the dyneema loop.
As extra security one can have a sling around the mast .
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM #259