lifting with mizzen boom, climbing mizzen, and halyard lengths

Duane Siegfri


One other thing I wanted to add: never use any hardware on the end of the halyard to attach yourself.  Always tie a figure 8 knot that leaves a bight on the end of the line.  You can leave the hardware on the bitter end, just down attach to it.  Use a locking carabiner meant for climbing to attach the bight to your harness/bosuns chair. 

Using the hardware on the end of a halyard leaves too many failure points, the shackle, the knot attaching the shackle, and there may be wear in the line where the line bears on the shackle.  Use a figure 8 tied in a bight instead.  

There are many videos on Youtube showing how to tie a figure 8 in a bight for climbing.


Ian Park

If I can’t use two halliards to ascend the mast I take two long loops of either tape or 8mm rope. A Prussik loop round the mast can be pushed up but holds under the tension of a fall. The second one is to attach above the spreaders so you never rely on just one attachment.
Prussik loops were used in climbing before ascenders were invented, but they do work around the dimension of a mast. Also useful as a foot loop to stand in if you want to get above the height of the mast to work.


Ocean Hobo SN 96

Duane Siegfri


I hadn't tried to tie a prusik around the mast, good idea!

One other way to tie yourself on to the dynamic line (the one going to a winch) is to tie a figure 8 with a three foot tail, put the tail thru the attachment point on your harness/bosuns chair, then take the tail and tie a "follow-on" figure 8 where the tail traces the lines of the figure 8 and you wind up with a figure 8 with a bight.  This way you don't need a carabiner.