Chain to rode. How do you ?

smiles bernard

Hello fellow Amelians

Many thanks to all those on the forum who have given their thoughts and experience on anchoring options for my boat
(Currently 50m 12mm chain on older 46ft Maramu and I’m wondering about either adding more length in chain or rode)

I’d really like to hear from those with chain plus rode extension solutions.

what windlass do you have and how do you swap from chain to rode on the windlass when raising and lowering the anchor ?

I spoke to the Lofrans distributor in the uk which ended up raising more questions for me.

He was clear to point out that my Tigres is an all chain windlass the rope capstan is only for independent use and not setup to the allow transfer from chain to rope sections.
He said the chain stripper would cause problems with the rode.
If I want a chain plus rode solution I would need a different windlass.

Any experience most welcome as I’ve only ever had an all chain solution before.

Many thanks


Ian Park

Miles, John
I have a Santorin too. It had 8mm chain (60m + 40m rode) when I took over ownership. I changed to 100m of 10mm chain. I much easier to do a seasonal end to end swap over with all chain.
The previous boat I had was a mixture of chain and rode with a lofrans windlass. I used to pull the rope up with the rope side of the windlass and then transfer across. It worked, but was awkward. Using a chain hook and short rope helped in holding things during the swap. You had to take a bit of care as there was a foot of rope and the join going over the chain Gypsy before you were on to all chain, but it worked. Try it first in a calm anchorage where there is no real pressure on the system
John, my 100m of chain still piles up under the hawse hole unless there is a bit of swell. I would like to put an angled plate in the locker to divert the chain forwards. There is plenty of space in there but the chain just sticks to itself in a pyramid and doesn’t slough off easily.
Anybody out there found a solution?

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