Onan MDKD Starting Problems


Having coaxed this old gen back to life it's died on me again :/  

Had an electrician bypass the galley switch then the starter solenoid began overheating.  It didn't seem to reach it's full 'pull' so I disconnected it and stopped the generator via the red stop lever).   

Then the solenoid/relay (see pic) began overheating (red hot and smoking after 20 mins) even when gen was only switched on and not even operating.

Now it won't start at all.. even with batteries fully charged from shore power. 

Despite looking in several Onan parts catalogues I can't seem to identify this particular solenoid/relay (if that's what it is - it's got 12v L95 embossed on it.)

Anyone any idea what's going on and/or can identify a part number for this solenoid/relay?  The closest I can seem to find is 307-1617 (K11 Solenoid/Relay) but it looks nothing like it. 

Many Thanks


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I don't have the detailed part number for you, but I can give a clue about what's going on...

These are dual coil solenoids.  They have one large, powerful, high current coil that pulls the solenoid in to it's "activated" position, and a smaller, low power coil, that holds it there.  If the solenoid does not, or can not,  fully activate to its designed position when energized, the large coil stays powered up, trying to move the actuator.  It is not at all designed for continuous duty, and will quickly over heat--as you saw.

Before installing the new solenoid, you'll need to find out WHY the old one wasn't fully actuating.  It is possible that the problem is in the solenoid itself, and a new one will simply fix the problem.  But...if the movement restriction is in the parts the solenoid is trying to move, then the new one will likely burn up on first use...

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Great Guana Cay, Abacos, Bahamas