Access to A/C capacitors on Amel 54

Mark & Debbie Mueller

Hi Christine, on our 2007 A54 the 12,000 BTU Climma is located under the settee in the salon.  By your description it is hard to tell if you have physically seen this unit or just a picture.  If I were going to check the capacitors on our unit I would remove the box which is usually held on by two screws to make it more convenient to access.  Be sure to turn off the power and let the capacitors sit to bleed the charge off or ground the terminals to ensure there is no residual charge.  I would take a picture of the unit before performing any tests to make sure you get the correct terminals back on the correct terminal posts.  You will also need a volt/ohm meter that measures capacitance.  The capacitor cannot be electrically connected to the system to measure.  You must remove at least the ground terminal and if you are not sure remove all terminals connected to the capacitor before measuring.  The size of the capacitor in microfarads will be listed on the face of the capacitor.


If you can visually inspect the capacitors many times when a capacitor fails it swells as if it is a soda can preparing to explode.  If you see a swollen capacitor it is virtually a 100% probability that it is bad.  However, a capacitor can be bad and not swell.


Since you are an Amel owner I am assuming you have some proficiency with a voltmeter.  You could trace the wires from the fan motor back to the control board and ensure you have power to the fan before disassembling the control board to check the capacitors. 


ALTERNATIVE - Remove the exhaust duct from the blower to verify the blower rotates freely.  Be very careful when you do this but, another check for a failed capacitor would be to  turn the unit on then and reach in with a long bladed screwdriver and give the fan blade a quick spin in its normal direction of rotation.  Do not let the screwdriver linger in the fan housing, if there is a bad capacitor the fan will start to rotate. 

Mark & Debbie Mueller

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galacsea2000 <no_reply@...>

My 2008 Amel 54 is equipped with Climma Compact 12 R EH units. The compressor works but the fan that is supposed to regulate fan speed does not start. I suspect that one or more of the 2 capacitors on this unit is/are dead. They are located under a grey box (with a removable black cover in the back) that is supported by a stainless steel plate. The capacitors are attached inside the vertical portion of this stainless steel plate by a plastic tie.

I cannot figure out how to get to these capacitors to check/replace them.

Any assistance will be deeply appreciated.

Galacsea 2