Bow Thruster - continuing problems

Duane Siegfri

I wrote in the forum earlier this year about problems with the bow thruster, which were solved with a new limit switch and a new crimp-on DC power connector to the on-off switch at the helm.

It has worked perfectly since January, until this morning when it blew three fuses in a row.  I was looking at the second fuse to blow when I noticed some corrosion on the contacts so tried a third one.  I'm thinking it has to be the jack screw motor.  I have checked to make sure the rigging wasn't bound up in some way but that appears to be OK to me.

Bill K noted this symptom might be a result of brush wear.  The jack screw motor on my boat has a rubber jacket, including the power wires going into the motor.  Has someone serviced the brushes on this motor before?  Does it even have brushes?  It's an SNT motor.

It looks like the only way to access the brushes is to cut away the rubber jacket.  I'm looking forward to hearing from someone who has had this trouble.


Wanderer, SM#477

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