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I remember Ian Shepherd, SM FREESPIRIT, replaced or repaired the Antal Genoa Car on his SM. I believe it is identical to the SN.

Email Ian Shepherd yahoo.co.uk>. Maybe he has the specific information.


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Hi Herbert,

     I don't have a ready answer to your direct question other than on my 1990 SM the hardware is all Antal.  But I will ask, have you disassembled the pulley already?   Last month I noticed a similar issue with one of the pulleys on one of my genoa cars.  It was creaking and squeaking as genoa sheet tension changed.  Hosing it down did nothing to stop the sound.  The pulley was turning however but was hard to move.    I disassembled the unit and found the roller bearings were dry and a 3mm piece of one of them had chipped off and was lodged in the bearing.  As we were in transit, I did an "underway repair"   by cleaning everything up and greasing the rollers with small amount of marine grease.  Voila!  no more squeak and a free spinning roller.  
This particular piece of hardware has "open bearings" as is the case with most  sailbo at exterior hardware.  Salt and other debris can build up inside and "gum up" the works.  I routinely hose them down to keep that from happening.  They normally don't use grease, especially if they have plastic bearings, mine were metal so a spot of grease won't hurt.  If they are plastic though a bit of teflon spray lube is probably OK.  Disassembly was easy, just the one bolt through the center.  

Sorry if I am preaching to the choir.    Regards,  John

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hi all,

the pulleys on KALI MERAs genua travellers are end of life, genua sheet is sliding in the roller / pulley and pulley is not turning anymore.  Does anyone know a source for a replacement?& nbsp;

Size (in mm) is:

* outer diameter -  59,5
* inner diameter - 14,25 (where the bolt goes through)
* width - 37

has anyone found a source where that can be purchased ready built? has anyone made a replacement? what material did you use?

thx, herbert

KALI MERA, SN120, on the hard at Shelter Bay Panama

Herbert Lackner

thx John and Bill,

I checked now the Antal product range, 801.060 might fit.

As I am not on the boat and want to organize everything before returning to the boat and going to the pacific, maybe there is a proud santorin owner who could check if these dimensions would fit.

thx, herbert

Batten dimensions 15 mm Ø sheave (D) 60 mm Side bearing Torlon balls Radial bearing composite fibre Weight 160 gr Ø max line 14 mm SWL 2200 kg Sheave material Aluminum D2 15 mm Thickness (T)

38 mm