Genoa Track screws or bolts

Patrick McAneny

I have my new bearings and need to remove the car from the track. Is the track bolted or screwed down.I tried to back out a screw and it did not budge and started to strip. I was thinking I could cut vertically a section out and then screw it back down , leaving only two narrow cuts. I could also just make one cut say 6 inches from the end and take out the last fasteners. It would have been nice if Amel had made the track a few inches shorter with a stop on the end.




Gary Wells

I'm gonna stick this out there .. when we were in Martinique we had a nice discussion with our neighbor boat and also with the tech (Jean?) at Amel about this track/car issue. I looked at a boat that had indeed augered off the forward end of the retaining rails and it worked for him. The Amel guy said it was possible to loosen the stanchion at the forward end of the track and bend it out of the way without any undue stress on the lifeline railing.
I did not try this, and don't know if it's viable (I managed a solution in situation). but it seemed to make sense to me.

from Gary W.
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