Freezer seal

Mark Erdos

Bill K


You suggested this product to re-seal the freezers. It comes in 17 feet rolls. Was this enough to do both units under the seats?


When we re-did our under-seat fridge gaskets, we used a product from MD Building, #1025, D-profile, 5/16 x 23/64.  We got it from Amazon.


It is important to note that with gaskets like this, there is a maximum specified compression that needs to be adhered to for best sealing and longest life.  If the gasket is over-compressed it might seem to seal better at first, but it quickly takes on a permanent "set" and is then no longer flexible enough to make a good seal.  For most hollow rubber gaskets, such as this this, maximum compression is 25% of the uncompressed thickness.  

I have installed shims that take the weight of the lid so the gaskets do not get squeezed too much.


Bill Kinney

SM#160, Harmonie

Charlotte Amalie, StT, USVI




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I doubled the seals, running two in parallel everywhere I had room. Does that help?  I don't know for sure, but it falls under the category of "It can't hurt!"  

If you do that you will need 3X 17 feet to do both boxes.  If you run just one seal around the box, 2X 17 feet should work.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA