AMFA bilge pump gear sprocket broken

Barry Connor

Hi All,
Can anyone advise me how to get and repair the gear sprocket in the AMFA bilge pump on my Amel 54.
When the pump stopped working I thought it was needing the service kit, I replaced all the inner parts but then discovered that the gear sprocket had broken. The 24v electric motor is running fine. Can this nylon/plastic part be obtained and replaced?

Best Regards

Barry and Penny
“Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54. #17
Split Croatia

Alan Leslie

That nylon gear seems to be the weakest part in that pump. 
When ours failed in New Caledonia 2 years ago, we replaced it with a Johnson Viking 32 and bought spares with it.
Elyse SM437 Musket Cove, Fiji 

Craig Briggs

Hi Barry and Penny,
You can get a replacement from. al Meekens at can make it in plastic, like the original, or you can choose metal. You may also be able to fix it yourself. My repair job has lasted 10+ years and still going strong. Search my earlier posts for how to do it
Cheers, Craig Briggs SN68 Sangaris, sailing off St Marys northbound.