SM2000 Railing diameter and Supplier for Fixtures

Dominique Guenot

Sorry for the blast. I am not on the boat and would like to buy some parts for a side solar panel project

Could you be so kind to confirm the diameter of a SM200 railing: 

- Horizontal railing diameter 25mm Is that correct? 

- Stanchion diameter 22mm is that correct? 

I am also looking for a supplier (USA or Europe) of fixtures like: 

-swivel for solar panel around the railings 

-adjustable leg  to support 

-any fixture that will fit - either railing or stanchion

I did some internet search but did not find a comprehensive set.

Any help will be greatly appreciated 

Thank you so much


sv Viva currently in Fiji 

Alan Leslie

Hi Dominique

The rail diameter is 25 mm
Stanchion diameter is 23 mm

Can't help you with suppliers

Elyse SM437
Musket Cove Fiji

Dominique Guenot

Great, that is very helpful.
Thank you for taking the time. 

We will be in Fiji early August for boat work, then sailing. 
We are currently in the pit in Vuda Point Marina 

Will we have the chance to meet? 

sv Viva 

Alan Leslie

We are heading to Vuda Pt today
I will fly home for 2 weeks and then we will head to Vanuatu.
So maybe we miss each other again !
Elyse SM437