Would anybody take me on a quick sail on a Maramu?

Thomas Nienkemper

Hello Amel community,


It's been over a year since I started looking into the Amel Maramu as our new home. The knowledge accumulated in this group is phenomenal and really helped me with my decision for this boat.


One important piece is still missing though. I did not have the chance to sail a Maramu yet. So, I was wondering if there is anybody in Europe (I live in Switzerland) who would be willing to take me on board to show me how she sails. I know I could do that during sea trials, but I thought it makes sense to do have the experience before - who knows, maybe I don't like it at all ;). 


Also: If there is anybody planning to sell within the next 12 months please get in touch – either here or send me an email: thomas.nienkemper@....





Hello Tom, 

Not quite what you are asking for but this Maramu may be available for charters, in Scotland.

Themos Tsikas