Grenada Haulout


Good Morning Amelians,

I hope this message finds everyone enjoying their Amel adventures.

I'm considering sliding down to Grenada from Puerto Rico  and hauling out. I'd probably stay on the hard for a couple months. As such, while there, I may buy a little portable a/c unit to plug in to stay aboard while there, if that would work. Is the power standard or European? If a stay off the boat is in the decision, how are prices generally speaking?

I'm sure that many have been there and hauled out there, however, that list excludes me.

Any recommendations for where to, and where NOT to haul out would be appreciated. Any decent sail repair shops? (I have some minor work). 

I haven't done much research yet, but any general or specific advice regarding the island's offerings both positive and negative?

Thanks in advance for any information kindly offered.

Regards to All.

Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14