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Hi Bill, what was the total amp load.I wince when I read of the load some people put on the system. If it was high and something more started up it could have been a simple over load. Other than that it could be a failure in the hot water element if that was turned on. Couple of simple possibilities.



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Hey everyone -

Went out for a beautiful day yesterday. Everything was perfect until I plugged back into the dock and flipped the charger on. About a minute after there was a loud "pop" and a plume of white smoke that came from the engine room. Upon further investigation I found that the charger blew. (See picture in mark up). All is good and again I came to respect the redundancies on this boat even more. Problem temporarily solved by switching on the heart charger located in the aft cabin. (Usually I only use this charger as a supplement with my primary (Victron Centaur 24/60 while on generator power) It looks like a resister blew and the charger is less than 2 years old. Can anyone chime in on a  possible reason beside faulty equipment? Voltages all check out at post and plug end. The boat did a good job protecting itself and popped the breaker.  Just looking for some additional comments. Many thanks. 

Bill Maffei

Its all Good

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The charger was the only 220v system that was switched on when the incident occurred. Everything on the boat is working properly right now which leads me to believe this was an isolated incident related to equipment failure. I work with an authorized dealer so I am going to pick his brain soon. Thank you all for the responses. 
Bill Maffei
It's all Good 
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