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I have done this job. If you have the right size belt it is a tight, but doable job...start it on the drum pulley, then turn the drum to complete the fit.

However, you say the drum is locked. That is probably the reason the belt has thrown. You need to look for the reason it is locked. I could be a frozen motor, drum bearing, or maybe something else. 

That washer is a European sized home washer. It is a small footprint, but standard size, produced in Europe by several manufacturers. The standard size is 85X40X60cm HxWxD. I am guessing that your is 20+ years old. Ask yourself how long home washers normally last. I think you will determine that you need a replacement. The last time I checked there were replacements in Martinique and Guadalupe for about 400-650 euros. 

I think anyone owning a SM with Martinique or Guadalupe (possibly St Martin) in their plans should consider replacing a washer in a SM. The youngest washer aboard any SM has to be at least 13-14 years old...think about it.

Otherwise, you will have to hire an agent in Europe or Martinique to purchase one and have it air-freighted to where you are. Here is an advertisement I cut out in Barcelona.


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Hi all,
I hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter as the case may be),

The belt on my Thomson Australe broke.  I found a replacement which appears to be identical to the one tha broke, but when I try to install the new belt, I'm lacking a good 30mm or so to get it on.  To make matters more difficult, the drum is locked, and I can't figure out how to get it unlocked so I can (hopefully) turn the drum while I try to install the new belt.

I'm sure someone else has done this, can you tell me how you got the new belt on?

Thanks in advance.
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