[Amel Yacht Owners] Looking for suggestions on galley refrigerator

eric freedman

There was a piece of foam near the air intake for the compressor coil it degrade and caused the reefer to overheat.

Possibly you have the same problem.

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Hello- I own SM2K #422. The galley refrigerator seems incapable of getting to 47 degrees F, even when it has been defrosted. OK I'm in Bonaire where it's hot right now but........I've done the best I can on the door seal and have insulated the evaporator connection behind the unit pretty well.


In the settee units, I have lined the interior of both of them with Kevothermal vacuum insulated panels (R value of this stuff is 60 for 1 comes thinner as well). This isn't practical for the galley refrigerator because the outside fits too tightly in its place and the inside has too many irregularities to build a vacuum insulated panel mosaic.


I don't want to replace works and having a new unit wouldn't be great aesthetically (and getting the wood panel off the old unit to remedy that looks difficult).


I've considered increasing the size of the evaporator.......even though re-siting the evaporator drip tray and drain is likewise kind of a pain.........


So I'm in the "scratching my head" place right now considering solutions. I was wondering if anyone had done anything creative.