Ebersprecher. Heater

Arthur Sundqvist

We want to install an heater in our SM2000. Does anyone have done this? Is the installation documented in some way or form. Please you who know could you share you insights.
Fair winds

Arthur Sundqvist
Vista , SM435

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Arno Luijten

If I were you I would select a Webasto diesel heater. They are virually the same devices as the Eberspächer but from what I recall the electronics on the Webasto are at bit better. Also they have a more spread dealer network. On our boat Amel installed a Webasto Air-Top 5.5 kW heater. These things are a pig to install after the boat has been build as you need a lot of cables, hoses and (isolated) ducts. So careful planning is required. I would ask a fellow Super Maramu with a factory installed heater about the exact routing of the ducts to avoid inventing the wheel twice.


Luna, A54-121