Santorin spinnaker question

Herbert Lackner

when we purchased KALI MERA in 2013 she was equipped with a Parasailor instead of the Amel balooner. An additional block was mounted on the top of the mast and the halyard for the balooner was fed up to the new block. We built it back to the original setup, ordered a new balooner and have been very happy using the twin-sail configuration on the atlantic crossing. twin sail worked excellent up to 30 degrees in front of the wind.

Now pacific crossing is the next trip and with the light wind and not always from the back we are thinking of using the Parasail again, but do not want to change the halyards for the original configuration. Did anyone installed an additional halyard for a spinnaker? there has to be an additional block that is mounted above the forestay, can someone post a foto of the setup?

thx, herbert, SN120 KALI MERA

Alan Leslie

Hallo Herbert

we have an Sm with an additional halyard for a gennaker, which we use a lot in light winds.
There is a block at the top of the main mast with a halyard for hoisting the gennaker.
When it stops raining, I will put the long lense on the camera and take a photo of it for you so you can see where it is...we have the gennaker hoisted right now, furled and outside the genoa.

Homo Bay
Ile Pentecote

Alan Leslie

Hi Herbert
sorry for the are two's difficult to photograph, but there's a weldment forward of the mast head and the block is attached to that.
Elyse SM437

Herbert Lackner

thanks Alan! that seems to be a strong Aluminium extension to the Mast-Head, professional solution.  Cannot do that now, but maybe a stainless steel plate, screwed on the masthead, with rubber between the aluminium and the steel, would do the job also.

Currently there is a hole at the masthead-plate where a shackle was installed, I did not like the solution with the steel-shackle going through the aluminum plate (hard steel chaving against soft aluminium) and therefore removed the shackle, but maybe a strong dyneema line attached to the masthead-plate would also do it as a very simple solution.  any recommendations are welcome 

the foto attached shows the "old configuration" with the shackle where the block was fixed (next to the old B&G masthead unit, foto was made looking down at the top of the mast), I removed it when we serviced and repainted the mast. The hole is still there and could be used to attach a dyneema line with a block...

thx again, herbert

Olivier Beaute

Hello Herbert, Alan and Bill,

the Santorin main mast was not fitted with the welded aluminum like on the SM2K.
Here are pictures of an SM (before SM2K) masthead with a stainless steel support bolted onto the aluminum flat part at the top. It is, of course, isolated with a plastic sheet to prevent galvanic corrosion.
This plate must be strong and the welded eye that supports the block's shackle must be reinforced.

Good luck.


Olivier Beaute

one more picture

Herbert Lackner

Hi Olivier,  thx for the pictures, this was exactly what I was looking for.  I will do it in a similar way. you are always such a great help!




The stainless part that Olivier photographed is called by riggers in the USA a "Spinnaker Crane."  

There are several models available prefabricated commercially.  I am not sure if any of the available models are large/strong enough, but if you can find an appropriate one it might be more economical than a fully custom project.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA