Masse Light and March Pump

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Those of you with the Marco pumps (without accumulators), how is the power consumption / cycling when you only use a bit of water?

I like having the capacity to wash the deck, but I am curious how many amps it draws when I just open the tap to wash my hands or wet my toothbrush?

My understanding is that it's a variable speed pump that eliminates the need for an accumulator, but my brain isn't fast enough to comprehend that. 

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Duane Siegfri

I just ran mine to answer your question and it pulled about 3 amps while it was pumping at 100%. How does that stack up with yours?  While you have any tap wide open it will pump at 100% of capacity.  

I have the UP3 by the way.

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Alan Leslie

I have UP14 and it draws about 5-7 Amps from low flow to tap fully open..if its just a dribble it goes down to 3 Amps
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