Watermaker and transmission fluid

Patrick McAneny

I know those two don't mix,but I want to kill two birds with one post. 

1st. My water maker has been pickle for a few years, I would like to run it to check for leaks and to see if it runs. Would it harm it, if I ran it in brackish water,almost fresh?

2. Went to buy transmission fluid today, there was several favors to chose from, what type should I buy?




Alan Leslie

Hi Pat,

ATF 90 - Automatic Transmission Fluid SAE 90

You can rinse the membranes with fresh water with the pressure knob fully anti clockwise i.e. no pressure.
If you pressurise the membranes with fresh water you will ruin them - if they are not already ruined from sitting pickled for that length of time.

Elyse SM437