Helm Seat

Patrick McAneny

We have never found our helm seat comfortable,even though I added higher back support and larger teak armrest , it is an earlier model .We have been considering installing a hi back helm seat on a pedestal .I have only seen one, on the SM Nomad in St. Martins . It looked very comfortable ,yet a bit big. Size concerns me a little , but my real concern is stability . Sitting on top of a pedestal in rough seas concerns me. Can anyone with experience with a pedestal seat, tell me if it felt stable. 






The concern I’d have about sitting in a typical pedestal seat is not rough seas, but rather heeling. There are many very comfortable helm seat built for high end motor yachts, but they all assume that the boat is basically flat. I have not yet seen a pedestal seat I’d want to sit in when heeled at 15 degrees.

The other issue around a pedestal is structural. The deck in that area might need strengthening to support a single point of attachment of a pedestal. Note for example, the way the nav station seat pedestal is built into the boat.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

Ian Park

The Santorin has a pedestal seat. Ours sits on the pedestal post (not bolted) and therefore does 2 handy things.
1. It can be lifted off at anchor and gives more cockpit space
2. It swivels, so that when heeled you can turn the seat so your back is always dead downhill.
No problems with the fitting, but the moulded base support does give it the strength required.

Ian ‘Ocean Hobo’ SN96