Expected RPM at WOT

Dean Gillies

Our WOT with the original Amel FIXED prop was just under 3000rpm when we sea-trialled the boat with Olivier last August.

I agree with Bill’s logic, I think you need to lean on Volvo to investigate further. I know that’s easy to say, but when you are in ‘exotic places’ it’s not so easy to do!

With everything else in the drive train tested, it has to be down to a sensor/interface problem or a software issue.

Did your old sensors get RE-installed in the system with the long block change?

I don’t know how easy it would be to achieve, but can the EVC unit be swapped over for testing by Volvo?
That should eliminate the EVC itself.

Given that you have good WOT under no-load conditions, it can only be either physical resistance in the drive train or perceived resistance by the sensors/software.

Are you proposing to remove the prop and re-test the drive train sans-propeller?
I believe that would seem to eliminate the physical resistance question.

Good luck mate, keep us posted we’re thinking of you 🤔