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Hi all,

I spent today calling several different insurance companies to get quotes on covering an Amel SM.  Here was the outcome:

USAA: Does not have Amel listed as a manufacturer in their database (

Progressive: Similar situation to Amel and they say the HID needs to be 12 characters (I was given 10 by the seller)

I am surprised that Amel is not in their system as a boat manufacturer.  Is there a company that most Amel owners use?  Is this a common obstacle for owners trying to find insurance for an Amel?

Thanks for any help here.



Denise McGovern

We use Pantaenius and had no problem getting coverage.   
Denise McGovern
S/V Cara
SM #440



A ten digit number was never a valid HIN.  The original system used 12, and most boats now use 15.

The catch is at the time of manufacture of the boat you are looking an HIN was not yet standard on all boats built in France.

It seems Amel put HINs on some boats and not others.  Ours, for example, has none.  Well... kind of.  All the paperwork for our boat lists a 12 digit number in a very non-standard format as the HIN--but it is not on the hull anywhere.  But nobody has ever noticed or cared...

But all that aside...  insurance will be not problem.  Contact Scott Stusek (sstusek "AT" in Annapolis.  He can give you information about Pantaenius insurance.  They know and love Amels.  Nobody has any trouble with getting their boats insured with a number of various yacht insurers.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

Paul Osterberg

We use y yacht in England, it has worked very well for as, we had a major grounding last year and it was very easy to communicate with them and the damage was settled very swiftly. The cost was by fare the lowest we have found, less than 1% of the value and low deductible, less than 3000 € for hull damage.
No demand on new rigging we still have the original standing rigg
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259 

Brent Cameron

Joey, not sure where the 10 digit number comes from but I suspect it is a pre-1997 boat and they've dropped the leading zeros as the SM’s before 1997 seem to have 12 digit serial numbers beginning with 0030017SM followed by the 3 digit hull number so they are pretty easy to construct even if you only know the year and hull number.  As an example, Will Stout’s very pretty hull number 180 was built in 1996 (I chose this because I don’t know of any later 1996’s) and would have a HIN of 0030017SM180.  

In 1997, the serial numbers moved to the new format where it begins with AMLSM followed by the three digit hull number followed by a letter indicating the month it was considered to have been built (A = January, B=February, etc) followed by a one digit build year (e.g. 7 for 1997) and a 2 digit model year (e.g. 98 for 1998).  As an example, hull number 317 (the somewhat infamous Yashar/Papa II/Lady Divina) was built in 2000 but was a 2001.  Its HIN is AMLSM317K001.   

You really can’t construct those without knowing the HIN unless you happen to know the month and year it was CONSIDERED to have been built in addition to the model year and hull number.  The problem was that Amel changed model years most years in September as the yard was generally off for the French August holidays  but not always (they introduced the new Super Maramu 2000’s in July for instance).  The build month also varies quite a bit from the delivery date as well.  I’ve seen lots of references to the fact that the boat was delivered in one month but it had a build date that was 3-4 months different.   Net is, you'll need to get those off the boat (they seem to have them stamped on the transom somewhere after 1997) unless it was US registered in which case you can find them by doing a search on the yacht name in the Coast Guard Registry database

I've got a chart I use to decode HIN's on the Amel SM's.  (I haven't tried it on other Amel's so don't know if it works on 54's or SN's).  

Good luck!

Brent Cameron 
(Also future Super Maramu owner)