Boom crutch?

smiles bernard

Hello there

So far at anchor I’ve been tying the main and mizzen booms to the side to prevent them slatting about when we roll

Does anyone have any other, more cunning solutions ?

I helped build a hard Bimini for my brother in laws catamaran a few months ago and we built in a chock for his boom to rest on. I wondered if anyone had considered adding something similar on the Amel hard dodger to rest the main boom into?

All the best

Maramu 162

Alan Leslie

We just use the preventer/vang on each boom to hold them steady tensioned against the sheet...the mizzen is the real issue...the car goes tack, tack, tack all night long if you don't tie it down
Elyse SM437


Hi Miles,

I have preventers for both main and mizzen boom.  The preventers run from the sheet purchase on the boom to a shackle installed on the chain plates (carabiners on both ends).  In addition to keeping the booms in position on a downwind run in light wind and sloppy seas, they also help keeping the booms out wide when I have flopper-stoppers hanging from the boom ends.

Dennis Johns
Maramu #121