[Amel Yacht Owners] Anyone have their Amel on the hard? (or is willing to dive) :) Need to verify something on the rudder. [1 Attachment]


Your rudder is entirely hollow, top to bottom. When it came out of the water seawater should have flowed out of it from the bottom center like a cow peeing on a flat rock. 
It is designed that way on purpose. Yes you can see inside at the area you mention. A close up photo on both sides of the rudder would be useful to determine if this area is normal or more open than designed by damage or defect.

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Hi all,

If anyone has their boat out of the water or is willing to dive it for me :), I was hoping to get some info on whether the rudder is sealed around the middle bearing area.

I have a 54 but I believe the SM uses the same rudder.

I've attached a photo to show exactly what I am trying to figure out. At the part of the rudder by the center bearing, if you look aft from the front edge of the rudder, is the rudder sealed in this area? 

Put another way, can you see into the rudder cavity if you look here?

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks Joel! Very helpful. I will try to take photos next time I'm at the boat.