Surer Maramu tool storage


On Caramelle I bought a Black and Decker work box 450 which fits exactly under the companionway ladder. Even Amel were impressed and insisted on fitting a lock so that it could not move in the event of severe weather, they also fitted to the washing machine a similar system to ensure it could not move . Neither have been tested thank goodness!!
Anyway, the point of this message is to advise that I have found one unused still in its box, the only drawback is getting it sent to anyone who wants it.
The box is being offered at £50 say $70. It is no longer in production so once this is sold that’s it! I do not know how much it would cost to send but it’s a never to be repeated item.
I keep all my daily needs bits and bobs, it’s used everyday and is a real bonus!
Let me know if anyone is interested first come first served.
Patrick Caramelle 385.