Duane Siegfri

Wanderer came with the Amel Gennaker.  We are just now thinking of using it on our trip down the east coast.  

Starting Monday it looks like a downwind run, but with some expected wind speeds above the 15kts true Amel specifies for the Ballooner.

The Amel Users Guide does not say anything about running the sheet through the jib car, or to a turning block; only that it should go to the 58ST electric winches.

I'm assuming it has to go to a turning block, anyone know if it should go thru the jib car block?

It's interesting to note that Wanderer also has a Gennaker in a sock, which makes me wonder if the Amel Gennaker is worn out.  I have put it up but haven't rolled it out yet.  If it isn't in good shape I'll put the other one up.



Wanderer, SM#477

Ian Park

I’ve kept my ballooned up way beyond recommended wind speed mainly because I left it too late. We just furled down to storm job size and ran downwind overnight until the wind dropped then dropped and got back on our proper course. Depends where you are in relation to land and distance to go.
One of the reasons that both headsails fuel together. Question to ask is “can I manage without my Genoa if things get worse?”


Ocean Hobo SN96



What you're referring to as a "gennaker" probably isn't a gennaker. It's a downwind sail (balooner) that you will enjoy sailing deep angles (150-180) with. The windspeed restriction is very conservative. Maybe that's apparent wind as opposed to actual?

I don't have a SM manual in front of me but you do need to run the sheet through a block then up to the winch.

We've built some light air reaching sails for SM's that fill in the gap not covered by the balooner. 

Duane Siegfri


Thanks for your reply, but my Amel Owners Manual gives instruction for the sail in the "Optional Equipment" in section 7.12 "Gennaker" , and it looks identical to the photos in the manual down to the colors in the furler line.  

The manual notes "The gennaker is a sail which can be used between 60 and 100 degrees respect to the wind, until 18 knots of apparent wind."

I'll sheet it thru the jib turning block for now, but maybe it would be better in the block further aft.

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