Diaphragm Bilge Pump failure.

Duane Siegfri

If you replaced AMFA Bilge Pump with a Johnson Viking Power 32, how did you connect the 1.5" hose connections to the 30mm hose on the Amel SM?  

It would seem easy enough to replace the 30mm hose with 1.5" diameter, but where the outlet hooks up to the main line going overboard, there is a fitting with a total of three lines coming in and one going out.  I wouldn't want to replace that...

I checked with the manufacturer, the hose barbs are molded into the pump body and cannot be replaced.  So it seems the best thing to do would be to:

1. replace the 30mm hose that goes into the sump with 1.5" diameter hose with a new check valve at the bottom.

2. find a 1.5" diameter to 1.25" diameter hose barb adapter to connect the outlet to the old hose.  I have not been successful in finding one of these.  If this is what you did can you tell me where to look for one?

Thanks for your help,

Alan Leslie

Hi Duane,

That's exactly what I did...I used a 38mm to 32mm reducer as per :

They should be available somewhere near you.....

Elyse SM437

Thomas Peacock

We have just replaced our original bilge pump with the Johnson 32 also. Plumbing (my least favorite job on the boat) was challenging. Not sure where you are (US, EU, etc), which makes a difference in terms of availability of various fittings. Our local, quite small, West Marine in Maryland, USA, carried Marine East part # 1867548, 1/14” to 1 1/2” reducer. Even that was challenging, still a big leak in one spot where metric met US size, which I fixed by wrapping the male end with several go rounds of Rig Wrap sail tape which worked like a charm.

Be careful, the manual states that if you mount the pump vertically (as was the old pump), you must have it oriented in a certain position, can’t remember which, but again, the manual is clear. That makes running the hoses more challenging with lots of bends and angles. 

So far, works like a charm, very powerful.

Tom Peacock
Aletes, SM 240, Rock Hall, Maryland, heading for St Augustine Florida