Aft Head Hose

Duane Siegfri

The "cleaning vinegar" (it was so labeled) did open the pipe enough to flush it, but not enough to flush easily and it's already plugging up.  I ordered a bottle of "Sew Clean" to see if that works.  

I have had several people tell me they do a monthly overnight vinegar soak of that hose and have had no further problems so maybe the secret is keeping the buildup in check.

Thanks to all for your experience,

Drew Gaffney

Maybe the best “solution” (pun intended) is to prevent the urate deposits from forming. The original owner, also a physician, cautioned that every flush should last 10 seconds, counted religiously. We’ve followed his instructions and have never had any problems with the heads.
SY Revelation SM390
Carloforte, Sardinia