Sangaris' Bimini Picture Posts in Albums

Craig Briggs

Per a few inquiries from folks interested in bimini options, I've posted a new Album called Sangaris' "T" Top Bimini.  Click "Photos - Albums" and it should come up as the latest addition. Do go to Albums, not Photos as there are 16 pictures with details. 

Please note that Sangaris is a Santorin so you may need to tweak this for other models, but the basic concept should be clear.  The key feature of the design is that the bimini is totally supported by the mizzen stays, with no supports to the deck or dodger. The "T" top concept gives it the durability of those on 60kt sport fishers.

I designed this about 6 years ago we are totally pleased with its performance since. My email is sangaris at aol dot com. 


Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris, Ft Pierce, FL USA