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Mark Erdos

I would suggest installing a separate antenna for the AIS. I installed the AIS antenna on the top of the mizzen mast and followed the radar cabling to the nav station (very easy to do – access in aft head next to the mirror). I have yet to find a splitter that doesn’t impede upon the performance on the units attached.



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Dear Amelians,


We became proud owners of SM hull #293 last summer... We received lots of help from Olivier Beauté and Bill Rouse, but there is still sooooo much to learn... This Forum is invaluable!


One question I have: the electronics on Carpathia is exactly the same as 18 years ago. Among other things, I would like to install a Vesper AIS transponder and a new VHF DSC/AIS (probably B&G V60), as well as create the beginning of a NMEA2000 backbone. How does it work for the antenna when two AIS systems coexist? The VHF will have an internal splitter but can there be another - external - splitter for the transponder, all this working from the same antenna, or do I need a second antenna?


Peregrinus, you seem to have installed this configuration? Others?


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Cathy & Guillaume

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Ian Park

Did the same as Mark. Good to have the second antenna - is an easy swap if there is a problem with the VHF antenna.
Nice having two masts for all the cables.


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