We landed in Cienfuegas in May 2017 after fooling around in Jardines de la Reina for a few days to snorkel (prior to checking into the country).  We were unmolested while in Jardines de la Reina and Marlin Marina in Cienfuegas was very nice.  It was small and a little hard to get to but the facilities and management were great.  Customs and immigration were the most thorough we had ever experienced but they were not antagonistic or corrupt (expecting handouts).  We took a road trip to Havana (chartered a taxi which wasn't that expensive) and really enjoyed it.  Our only surprize was how difficult it was to get cash and everything has to be done in cash as Cuba doesn't accept US credit cards and there are no ATM machines.  Take plenty of US dollars to exchange to Cuban pesos  or have plenty of currency converted before you go.

Dennis Johns
Maramu 121


Does anyone have experience going to Cuba? We thought we’d like to do that before heading for Belize.

Thanks for any advice or info.

Kent and Iris