Amel Yacht Owner's Registry

Brent Cameron

Greg Shea had the brilliant idea to add another column to the Registry to show the date of the last update so that we could see at a glance how old the information was.  I set the bulk of the information to yesterday when I brought the registry alive and then those folks who have updated the links today show with today's date.  
The registry now shows by default:
  Last Modified
And by explicit consent of the owner, some or all of:
  Owner's Name(s)
  Home Port
  Current Location
  Flag of Registry
  Website(s). (this could be your Facebook page or YouTube channel too as I have noticed that a quite a few people have Facebook pages or YouTube Channels for their boats).
I'd encourage everyone to check their boat's listing in the Registry and change it if it isn't right as shown (or tell us you don't want it shown at all).  I'm quite heartened by the positive responses we've had so far.  
Again, the registry (and update form) can be found here:

Thanks again Greg.  
Brent Cameron, Future Super Maramu 2000 Owner