Rubber caps for Lofrans

ianjenkins1946 <>

Hi Guys 'n gals,

 Happy New year to all.

 The little rubber caps on the switches on the top of our Lofrans have perished. Anyone know where to find new ones ?

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Kiladha, Greece


Hi Ian + Judy,

I come the 17. Februrary to Kalamata, Greece and can bring you one or two of these:

Sharki #60, actually Kalamata, Greece


Hi Gerhard, 

 I too am looking for the rubber boots for our Lofrans windlass and have not had any luck on my own, through Lofrans or in fact through ebay or britak uk.  Would you be able to provide any additional information doe sourcing these?  

 I appears on mine that the fiber ring is integral with the rubber boot, does this come with the replacement?  i am surprised at how difficult these things have been to find. 

 In fact Lofrans told me the windless must have been owner modified ( very skeptical of this) since the switches are always mounted on the deck, thus only had the switches with the hinged caps. 

Any additional information would be great.  

Best regards, 
Dave Bruce,  sv Liesse,  SN006  

Ian Park

The windlass was modified by Amel to incorporate the switches. The difficulty I have is finding the switches with the correct dimensions. I have found them on eBay, almost the right size but not the quality of the originals. The main issue is the depth of the switch as there is little clearance room between the outer casing and the body of the electric motor.
Ocean Hobo SN96


Hi Ian, 

 Interesting that they specified this modification, nice not having to perforate the deck any more than necessary I suppose.    Fortunately we only need the rubber caps and rings, but it won't be long before we need new switches too if we run with them leaking for long.  I have found some more detailed info by going back through threads on this topic that may prove helpful.  Good luck with the switches.  

Thanks,  Dave

sv Liesse, SN 006

Alan Leslie

Some have deck mounted switches, others are on the actual windlass....
Deck mounted switches are easy to are the windlass mounted switches, but it becomes an issue if you have had to replace the motor, as the new motors are bigger than the old don;t need to ask me how I know's also an issue to get the rear housing on....the windlass needs lifting up.
I ordered new switches from Amel and recv'd advice that I needed new plastic surrounds....well I didn't need them and I have quite a few of those now. I have since discovered that the switches I have on my Lofrans windlass are quite common...and not necessarily marine.   
Just go on Google and you can find them...and the boots....

Elyse SM437


Hi Dave,
the original foot switches are mounted on deck, same as at my Sharki #60, see picture FootSwitch5.jpg.
You can buy such switches e.g. here:
They are available in black or red. See pics.
Later on Amel has integrated the switches into the windlass, see pics FootSwitch3.png + FootSwitch4.png.
However the power circuit is always the same, see pic FootSwitch6.png for all Lofrans windlasses.
As far as I know all people with buildin switches to the windlass uses these types as spare parts:

Sharki #60