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Mark Erdos

I purchased these a couple of years ago from Amel.



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Today I went back to the boat and did a series of tests on the Bernard toe pulley installed on the starboard side and compared it to the Amel stock pulley installed on the port side.  My conclusion is all of our concerns of slippage with  the Bernard pulley are well founded.


Details:  I tied the starboard car to a stanchion post with a random line of about 3 ft (1m).  Inserting a winch handle and cranking against the secured car slippage occurred with an estimated 50 lbs (23 kg) of force at the end of the winch handle.  I tightened the car line (3/8” or 10mm fairly old and weathered) and maybe improved the torque required to slip the pulley slightly.  To  test pulling the other way, the force the jib sheet exerts on the car:  I engaged the lock at the toe pulley shaft while the 3ft (1m) line I used to secure the car was quite taught.  I pulled upward at the center of that short line and could not get the toe pulley to slip.

Next I repeated all of that after emptying a bucket of harbor water on the pulley and line.  The wet system failed badly.  I could pull up on the short line and more the car fairly easily.  Torque at the winch handle to slip the pulley was half the effort it was when the system was dry.

Then I went to the port side with the original Amel pulley…..there’s no comparison… no slip as I’m sure you all have experienced.


So I’m in the market again for at least one toe pulley.  Do we have any details on where to purchase the stainless pulleys posted by Gary Silver?