Heinz Stutenbaeumer

Hello everyone and happy new year, 

We plan to sail to Galapagos in late February. 

Does anyone know a good agent and mail address in Galapagos? There are so many rumours circulating on the internet that it would be nice to get some reasonable information. 

Thanks, fair Winds 


Quetzal, SM 2000, 292

Craig Briggs

Hi Heinz,
Don't forget to sail THRU Leon Dormido (aka Kicker Rock) on your way to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno then jump in for a dip. 
Cheers, Craig Briggs SN68

Maria Geiger

I went in April 2018 to Galapagos. Our agent was Ricardo Arenas that has people in San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela taking care of you boat entrance.
Everything went well with the autografo that allow you to stop in these 3 islands.
You boat should be clean

You can contact me if you have questions,

Maria Geiger