Engine blower fan

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Hello there
I was wondering about the fragility of an engine cooling system that relies on an electric blower /fan
This I presume is the case for all Vintage Maramus - not sure if it’s also the case for Super Maramus too?
In the older Maramus like mine the blower fan is located in the port cockpit seat coaming area
I wondered if in the case of the electric fan failure it would be ok to simply remove the fan altogether and let the engine draw/suck air through he delivery ducts that the blower uses.
Any thoughts on this one?
Is the blower fan actually necessary in case of failure ?

Thoughts and any experience much appreciated

All the very best

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My Sharki has 2 fans, one upstream and one downstream. It is not only the engine producing heat but also the alternators which are air cooled.  Because the batteries are placed in the engine room too it is good to cool the room because batteries does not like too much heat.

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Re: Julie
You and Glen have much to contribute . I remember adding a wind generator to my mizzenmast with your help almost 20 years ago (is that really possible ?) and I know about the emergency fixes you did on you circumnavigation. I am delighted to be in touch with you again .

S/y Ladybug sm 216 , Le Marin, Martinique