Stern arch Amel 54

Peter Tiner


I´m new to this group and so impressed by all the good tips and help coming through to Amel users – wow this is really valuable.

Being now, since a couple of months proud owner to an Amel 54, ideas are coming up.

What about stern arches, i´ve seen stainless tube,steel ones and also on newer (2010-2011) Amel 54.s, a white one. Difficult to judge whether it´s coated aluminum or plastic but I guess alu. I have some good shipyards with stainless steel welders close but maybe it´s stupid to reinvent the wheel…

My plan is to primarily use it for solar panels but also for hanging the dingy there during local sailing.

So, a couple of questions arise:

-Is it possible to buy one and have it transported? If so preferably from somewhere in Europe as I live in Sweden?

-Are there any drawings accessible out there?

-Any pros and cons for the white (alu) and the pipe version?

All comments and ideas are so welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance

\Peter Tinér

Amel 54 #52, Maiken

Gothenburg, Sweden

Arno Luijten

Congratulations on your Amel 54.
We are more or less in the same stage of the process.

I’ve ordered a Aluminium Arch that will be powder coated in the same color as the hull. It’s supplied via Atlantic Towers ( I’m in the middle of determining the dimensions and other stuff. It should be delivered to  the Caribbean next month or so.

Let me know if you need more information.

Arno Luijten

Mark & Debbie Mueller

Hi Arno,


We are interested in a stern arch also.  Are you planning on straddling the stern cleat with the vertical struts or having the rear strut attach at the transom?  I talked with Atlantic Towers at the Annapolis Boat Show a couple of months ago.  I asked them if they would be interested in coming to the boat, it was very close, to measure for the arch as they had not manufactured any for a 54 – they declined.  That was unfortunate; I was impressed with their product after seeing several on Super Maramu’s at the Amel Rendezvous at St. Michaels. 


I believe they bend and weld aluminum very well but I would guess they job out powder coat services.  Be cautious, substrate prep especially on aluminum is the key to longevity of the finish.  It could be worth the extra time you would invest get the background on the powder coater and how they prep the material.


Please let us know how the project progresses.


Mark Mueller

Brass Ring


Arno Luijten

Hi Mark,

I actually ordered the arch at the Annapolis boat show. I have been talking to them on the show for a while and it seems they have a permanent 3rd party address for the powder coating as they do this frequently.
They have long term experience with this coating as well (7 years) and provided the assembly is done well the stuff holds up very well they told me.

So the plan is to have the front legs mounted on the deck under the corner seats in the back and the two rear legs on the transom. This means I will have to cut off part of the front legs to make it fit. Their engineer thinks I can do with the arch with the front and back legs at the same width (so no offset between the front and real legs). But I need to verify this.
Communication with Atlantic Towers is a bit slow. So getting the precise information about size and dimensions takes some time.

The front legs have an angle of 55 deg. with the horizontal plane and the rear legs have an angle of 60 degrees. This determines how far forward the arch can be before it touches the corner seat
I have ordered the david-tubes as well so we can hang a dingy from it.
The legs are mounted on the boat using feet with a swivelling eye to adjust to the angle of the mounting surface.

We plan to put four solar panels on the arch with total peak power of about 600 Watts (4 pce. Solara S565M44 Ultra), not a huge amount but I don’t want the total installation to be crazy big.

I will let you know how this will progress.

In the mean time does anyone know what color the gelcoat of the Amel 54 is? Preferably a RAL color number.


SV Luna,