Shaft brake conundrum, any ideas appreciated!

Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Porter

I have the same problem with the shaft break. Allthough the Pad's on mine A54#55 are not the same.
When the shaft was starting to turn I squeezed a metal rod between the holder and forward-arm (see pic's) as an interims fix, which is working well, but it's not a longterm solution.

I thought the pads are wearied (down) so I ordered new pads. Maud told me they have only one model, which where same as mine. When I received the new Pad's I realized they where the same thickness. 

I started thinking to re-engineer the break-bad holders because the Amel solution is a bit unreliable when I see other's issue with it.
Does anyone went to the process and problems as well and found a permanent reliable solution.
If there are any other ideas out there there? 

Best regards
WASABI - A54#55
Marina di Ragusa, Sicily