Santorin, before purchase questions

Ian Park

Hi Simon,
It looks like a few things changed from the earliest Santorins..
The whole C drive is different - inside and out. I may well be wrong, but it seems that they may have put the SM C drive into the Santorin; mine looks just like the SM. I don't know if the later Maramus had this type of C drive?
Again the bow roller has been modified on later models. The main chain channel seems to have been moved more to starboard on my boat, the forestay chain plate now being right on the centre line, and an extra bow roller attached to port of the forestay and bolted on to the main bow roller. The fibre glass bow profile is now no longer off-set. The cracks will be stress cracks from the boat sheering at anchor or on a mooring caused by the pressure on the S/S side plates of the bow roller. I'm pretty sure this is just cosmetic (I'm not a surveyor!).
Again, the rudder hinges look different.

I'd be interested in the evolution of the Santorin looking at your photos. The Maramu stopped production when the Super Maramu arrived, but the Santorin started production a few years after the SM. Although the hull/deck/interior design is so similar to the SM perhaps some of the mechanical parts were initially taken from the similar sized Maramu? Then at some early stage it was found that SM parts could be made to fit the Santorin, streamlining production costs??....

Bottom line though, as Mark said, don't pursue further without a survey from a someone who really knows Amels - an older boat is always going to need available spare parts.

Good luck

Ocean Hobo - SM96



I have been looking at an Amel Santorin, hull no 11, built 1990. When visiting the boat a few thing came up that I feel need to be investigated further. Perhaps I can get some help here and hear what your thoughts and opinion are about the pictures.,

1. When looking at the upper angle gear for the C-drive (in the engine room) I noticed that it looks different from other Santorin boats that I have looked at. This one is built a bit earlier than the other ones I have looked at so perhaps Amel did things a bit different on the early Santorins. Also the under water part of the C-drive looks like it's different. The oil plug is located on port side instead of the aft part just below the propeller. Does anyone know more about these differences and if this earlier construction is just as good as the later one?

2. When looking at the aft part of the C-drive, just above and below where the propeller shaft enters the gear there is a crack, it's clearly visible in the pictures. Is this reason to be alarmed or would a normal repair of the glass fibre be enough as a repair? Any thoughts regarding this? There was no oil leaking from this crack but I assume there must be some metall case inside the glass fibre that contains the oil and the gears.

3. One of the hinges for the rudder is missing a screw. I can see that there is like a nylon bushing inside and that the screw is supposed to thread into this bushing. This I have not seen on the other Santorin I looked at. I can also feel that there is som play in the rudder when moving it sideways. Is this to consider normal?

4. Forward, where the anchor rests there is a crack running across the deck and also down into the drain "track" on the sides. I have seen this on some other photos online so it seems like other boats also have this problem. What is causing this? Has the anchor been pulled up too hard or is there some weakness in the forward section? Does anyone know more about this and how it's best repaired?

Best regards